Promoting the rights of all persons through faith


Our vision is of a world where everyone enjoys equal rights irrespective of class, religious belief, culture and sexual orientation.


Guided by our belief in the respect for all humans, we are building bridges across all religions/faiths and changing attitudes towards LGBTQI people. We dialogue with faith based groups, communities, influence institutions, foster self-acceptance through education, debates, advocacy and information dissemination.

Our Thematic Areas

    1.     Research and documentation
    2.     Human rights education
    3.     International, Regional and national dialogues
    4.     Advocacy
    5.     Networking

Our Objectives

  1. To advocate for the sexual and reproductive health and rights of sexual minorities
  2. To engage religious agencies through bridge building initiatives  aimed at creating understanding, peace and love
  3. To build capacity of community members towards self-acceptance, debates with institutions and demand rights protection
  4. To contribute to advocacy in implementing projects and programmes that support rights of LGBTQI communities
  5. To collaborate with like-minded institutions towards addressing spiritual/psychological/emotional needs of sexual minorities

Our target Beneficiaries

Communities, sexual minorities, individual activists, faith-based organisations

Our core values

  1. Respect for diversity  
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Mutual respect