Research and documentation

Under this thematic area, our work is focused on:

  • advancing social justice and equality for LGBTQI persons by researching and documenting experiences and stories of struggles
  • promoting research in human rights and analysing criminalisation of LGBTQI persons
  • engaging members in the process of defining and developing research stories and co-producing knowledge aimed at enriching our strategies and evidence based interventions
  • sharing high quality research on lives of community members, transgender and intersex experience
  • documenting the struggle by community members and experiences on the use of religious interpretations to impede rights.
  • offering creative intellectual space that provides a platform for developing new research on gender and sexualities
  • solidifying research agendas and sharing outputs

Through production of documentaries and utilisation of existing documentaries we will tell our stories, learn new ways to advocate for rights and build public confidence and cooperation. We will document national, regional and international human rights treaties and policies and use them to challenge negative narratives and consistently work to advance rights.