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IDNOWA is Celebrating 6 Years

Who can believe it? It’s true. It’s been 6 years since the start of Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa. Founder and current CEO, Davis Mac-Iyalla’s, remembers the humble start of the network; “There was never a conflict between my faith and my sexuality. I believe my sexuality is a gift from God which I am very gleeful for. The difficult part of my journey is the discrimination, condemnation and humiliation I faced from my church once my sexuality becomes public. I saw this was so true for so many LGBT+ persons in West Africa that I decided to start IDNOWA.”

It’s not been an easy ride, and Davis left his job and life in the UK to move to Ghana. He says, “Despite all these challenges, my God has been faithful to me and continues to assure me each day of my journey that he loves me unconditionally.”

Six years on, IDNOWA aims remains the same to work for the inclusion of diverse persons to create a world governed by respect and dignity. IDNOWA seeks a day where all persons irrespective of religious beliefs become great allies in the quest for a safe and free society for all humans.

Congratulations to all the members and workers of IDNOWA for all they do for the LGBT+ community in West Africa.

Here’s to next 6 years.