The entire Nigerians

It is with sadness in our hearts that we bring to your notice the untimely death of a law abiding NigeriancitizenRABIU RABINA BAMANGA and Peer Educator at TIP for Human Rights in the FCT Abuja Nigeria who was brutally killed and buried in a shallow grave with some body parts exposed and covered with mattress at Ruga, Federal Capital Territory Abuja Nigeria.

We condemn the killing of Rabiu a law abiding citizen of Nigeria and human rights activist who until this death was contributing to ending HIV infection and supporting attainment of human rights through a non-governmental organisation. Until the issuing of this statement, we have not received any information with regards to the reason behind this gruesome murder of a law abiding citizen, whose right to life has been so annoyingly snuffed out. This is one death too many to bear! Recently we issued a statement condemning the incessant and constant harassment of innocent Nigerian youths.  The above named was contributing to securing the rights of all Nigerians and was brutally murdered and buried in a space that should be referred as safe space. This death is totallyunacceptable and unjustifiable!

This is an outrage to Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa, a regional network of activists, faith based individuals, advocates and individual activists working for inclusion of diverse persons to create a world governed by respect and dignity.

We seek a day where all persons irrespective of religious beliefs become great allies in the quest for a safe and free society for all humans. It is therefore a slap in our faces to receive information on the cutting down of a harmless Nigerian youth who was providing service to make Nigeria a better place!

We strongly believe that humans are born free and equal and should enjoy their full human rights and achieve their full potentials in a safe and loving society irrespective of background and belief.

As a West African network, we demand that the perpetrators be identified and brought to justice and receive punishment commensurate with the crime they have committed against another Nigerian.THE KILLER(S) OF RABIURABINA BAMANGA MUST BE FOUND AND JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED!

In solidarity,

Davis Mac-Iyalla,

Executive Director

Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa (IDNoWA)

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Engaging with religious leaders in West Africa

IDNOWA hosted activists and experts at Capital Hills Hotel, Cape Coast Ghana  this past week (4th-7th October 2018)
The event focused on kick-starting the process of developing a curriculum for training on engaging with religious leaders in West Africa.
A special thanks to COC Netherlands,  who sponsored the event and are our partners in their Pride Project as well as our partners from the Global Interfaith Network (GIN) who facilitated the event.
Stay tuned for upcoming events!

76Crimes: New W. African interfaith group fights anti-LGBTI bias

Progressive faith leaders and activists from West Africa have joined forces to work to end anti-LGBTI bias in the region and seek “a world governed by respect and dignity.”

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GIN-SSOGIE: Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa launches – interview with Davis Mac-Iyalla

GIN member, Davis Mac-Iyalla, third from left above, is an award winning Nigerian Anglo/Catholic gay Christian and founder/director of Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa.  Davis is a well-known gay Christian Activist who has been an advocate for LGBTI rights for over 20 years, a public speaker, researcher and author and is often asked to speak on the plight of LGBT Christians in West Africa. He is currently based in London, UK, his second home after Nigeria, West Africa.

  1. Could you please let us know a little about the Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa (IDNOWA)?

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RightsAfrica: Nigeria: 100+ youths face homosexuality charges in court

Over 100 young persons who were arrested in Asaba, Nigeria, and alleged to be gays and lesbians are now facing homosexuality-related charges in court.

The young persons were all arrested at a birthday party last month at Delta Park Hotel in Asaba, Delta State.

A statement released by the Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa [IDONWA], a regional network of human rights activists and faith-based individuals who have been actively working on the case, revealed that the network paid for the release of some of the arrested persons and the families of the arrested persons were made to pay substantial sums of money to bail their wards.

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76Crimes: Interfaith activists seek stronger role in fighting AIDS

Interfaith activists at last week’s anti-AIDS conference in Ivory Coast pushed for an expanded role for progressive faith-based groups in combating HIV and AIDS.

Statement by the Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa, issued at the 19th session of the ICASA conference, held in Côte d’Ivoire, Dec 4-9, 2017: Continue reading “76Crimes: Interfaith activists seek stronger role in fighting AIDS”


WashingtonBlade: First West Africa LGBT-inclusive religious gathering takes place

An LGBT-inclusive African faith network held its first event late last month.

More than 30 delegates from 10 West African countries gathered in Ghana from Aug. 24-28 for the Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa’s first-ever interfaith diversity event, which was themed “Building Bridges, Sharing Stories, Creating Hope.”

On Aug. 24, there was an introductory session for delegates to share their personal stories and outreach programs to support their fellow LGBT people. The participants who were from Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Togo told passionate stories of judgment, denial, shame, violence, rape, hatred and pain.

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